Hi! I'm Viktor. I do UI/UX stuff with great technical knowledge.
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I love to develop using the latest technologies

I love to challenge myself, that’s why I often test new technologies when doing personal or school projects. Some that I have mastered is: Node.Js, Meteor, Sketch and Angular.Js but I also know JavaScript, CSS, Java, C#, Photoshop and a lot more.


When I'm not fiddling around with technical stuff I love to cook (a lot of taco and burgers), polish my boots, instagramming and enjoy other well designed goods. (but sometimes I can't keep my hands away from the keyboard and do stuff just for fun, like the tacoburger emoji right next to here or this beautiful Delorean)

I deeply care about design and especially products that have a sustainable relationship with the world around us. I feel that there really is something special with products that you have a great experience with, become a part of people's life and with time gains a great patina.

Resumé summary

Interaction designer & developer

During the summer of 2016 I acted as interaction designer & developer at Screen Interaction to work with an extremely interesting client/project. I was fortunate to work together with fantastic people and do a lot of influence in our very small team, designing and building an impactful product.
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Head of IT for Uniaden 2015

Uniaden is the largest job fair for students in northern Sweden and I had the opportunity to be in charge over everything involving IT.
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Web developer at DeDU

Between 2012 and 2016 I was one of the developers of the leading facility management system in Sweden. Mostly front-end and customizations for our customers, for example I made a new visualization feature for the energy module.
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Project leader for IDag & Inatt

Project leader for the career day at my university program. The day featured inspiring talks from the companies Tactel, R/GA and Cloud Nine.
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Team lead/developer of iOS/Android App Uniaden Connect

I lead the team that built an app for the biggest job fair for students in northern Sweden. We choose to focus on making the interaction between companies and students easier.
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Smart home concept

Together with the startup Swedish Container Solutions me and some classmates created a smart home concept to conceptualize how a such a system could work in a container apartment.
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Developer of YAMANA

Makes events better by putting Instagram on the big screen! Built single handedly by me using Node.Js and WebSockets. I also tested out hosting this application on Heroku.
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Want to know more? Don't fear to look me up on LinkedIn, contact me or download my resumé!

Future goals

I'm currently finishing my master of science in engineering degree and I'm constantly thinking about the future. On my mind right now: problems with the "Smart Home", how make services have even less UI and how to have more ethical design goals (why maximizing the number of clicks). (and of course hoverboards and Nike Mags)

At this moment thinking about subjects and research questions for my master thesis that I will do in spring 2017. I'm actively looking for companies with an innovative spirit to partner with for my thesis. If this sounds interesting or you feel like I would fit at your company, get in touch and hopefully we can do something together.

My stories

Rethinking Spotify desktop

Me and some other interaction design students thought the Spotify desktop application needed some love. It had looked the same for some time, and Spotify also got a new graphic profile. So we decided to rethink how the Spotify desktop app could look like. We wanted to do this to challenge ourself and for us to have something fun and productive to do after school.

This was just a fun challenge we decided to test out and we just wanted to challenge ourself. But through connections some designers at Spotify really like the idea and decided to act as a jury for our competition and also sponsored us with some prices. The Spotify logotype


The old design (0.9.X) was too similar to iTunes; huge lists with a focus on fitting as much content into the window as possible. Most often I, the user, find what I’m looking for (if I’ve e.g. searched for a song) in the 10 results. I am also normally a big fan of dark UI’s, but I believe this one is too dark, and frankly, quite boring. Old Spotify desktop

My Spotify desktop redesign My biggest change to the whole application is the idea of a new menu system. I thought there was to much going on in the "Playlist" menu list. My concern with this was when new features and functions was introduced these will sort of "push down" the playlists and hide them. So one of the features of my redesign was a new "mode switch" allowing for different modes of the application allowing features to use the whole area between the header and the footer with the music controls. The idea of this mode switch is simple. Every mode gets to use the whole screen real estate and would allow for more immersive experiences in the Spotify apps. I also borrowed a lot of the colors in the newly released iPhone app and moved the now playing info to the footer bar.

Spotify Social Screen The second big change to in the design is more focus on the social functionality. Currently (May 2013) there is THREE different places to get notified about the social aspects of the Spotify service. So what I did was to create the mode "News" where all your notifications about new music, hottest playlists right now and friends liking something end up. This will create a space for exploring new music in the Spotify application.

This was the first of hopefully many Photoshop battles me and some other my friends at the M.Sc in interaction design program in Umeå. I learned a lot, and are looking forward to more challenges like this.

And last but not least, big thank's to Eric at Spotify and his team who actually took the time to look at our mockups. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about this.